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Levens Local History Group

Projects undertaken by the Levens Local History Group

Exhibition 2011: "Levens 100 Years Ago"

The Exhibition was at the Levens Institute on the weekend 19/20 November 2011.

Displays showed what life was like in Levens in 1911, with a background of National and world events.

Time line

There was a time line of national events around the room, with written accounts and photographs from the time. Many members helped with transcribing cuttings from the press about Levens and local happenings.


Lots of photographs were loaned and these were displayed down the centre of the room. Visitors were able to view them and some people identified faces and locations.

Displays (kindly lent by)

  • Domestic crafts (Avril Mason, Eileen Steward, Gill Wood, Elaine Hodkinson and Margaret Gray)
  • domestic
  • Domestic items (Avril Mason, Helen Caldwell, Stewart Farrer, Levens Hall and the Museum of Lakeland Life)
  • Period clothing(Helen Caldwell, Gill Wood and the Museum of Lakeland Life)
  • Bicycles (Len Hayton)
  • Motoring coat and memorabilia (the Lakeland Motor Museum)
  • Farm tools (Chuck Mason, John Griffiths and Colin Shepherd)
  • peat tools
  • Peat digging and ditching tools (Larry Walling and John Griffiths)
  • Shoemaking equipment (Jim Lambert)
  • Joinery tools (Gill Wood and Jim Lambert)
  • Books published in 1911 (Ian Hodkinson & Kendal Library)
  • Mary Wakefield Festival & Coronation material (Kendal Library)

Over 20 people from the group took part in preparing for the exhibition.


The event attracted a good turn-out. Over 230 signed the visitors book and there were a good few who didn't. Comments made by visitors at the time, and since, show that they enjoyed the exhibition and appreciated the Group's efforts.

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